New Traditions

The inauguration of John R. Sladek, Ph.D., has provided the perfect occasion to introduce three new traditions at Cal Lutheran...

Processional Cross

When glass artist Linnea Wong first saw CLU’s new logo, she envisioned crossbeams intersecting the light of the sun. From this vision, grew the idea of fashioning a cross out of glass.

Wong, a convocator from Sierra Pacific Synod, requested and was given permission to create a cross for Samuelson Chapel that would be used at President John Sladek’s inauguration. For the processional cross, she chose glass that was similar in tone to the beautiful stained glass windows of Samuelson Chapel. The cross was first used in the Ash Wednesday Chapel service during inauguration week and carried for the first time to lead the inaugural procession on Feb. 23.

Wong and her husband, the Rev. Bill Wong, live in Davis, Calif. They have two daughters: Katrina, a 2005 graduate of CLU, and Adriel, who will graduate this spring.

University Mace

An academic mace symbolizes the authority invested in the president by the University’s governing body.

California Lutheran University’s mace, designed in 2006 to celebrate the inauguration of a new president, is crafted of light oak. The wood reflects the University’s geographic location (Thousand Oaks), and the light color symbolizes the youth of the University since wood darkens as it ages.

The mace is crowned with an oak disk bearing the University seal. Just below the seal, the mace head is banded with six bronze medals signifying the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the five Lutheran denominations that cooperated in founding the college in 1959.

Presidential Medallion

The medallion is a metal necklace worn by the president on ceremonial occasions. Cast in bronze, Cal Lutheran’s presidential medallion is designed around the University seal. The links of its heavy chain, also known as chains of office, are engraved with the names of past presidents and the University’s three schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and the School of Education.

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