Feature Stories

National Champions

Regals Water Polo makes CLU sports history
By Rhiannon Potkey

Six months ago, they didn't even have their own pool. On May 6, they camptured a national title. Read more...

History Buff Looks to the Future

Provost Chris Kimball's unique approach to CLU's academic growth
By Carol Keocheckian '81

Fortunate is the man who can integrate his favorite hobby with his professional life. He absolutely loves baseball. He dotes on American urban history. And, he's avid about research. Read more...


Where science, math and computing meet
By Marsha Anderson

It's the kind of growth most Fortune 500 companies would envy...CLU's bioengineering major is taking off, quadrupling its numbers since the major was started in fall 2003. Read more...

Breaking Barriers

Political Science professor uses civic engagement as a tool for at-risk youth
By Jannette Jauregui '03

There was a time when Haco Hoang was an ordinary teenager with a dream to make a difference in the world. She wasn't seeking fame and wasn't focused on fortune, but rather the chance to make a change. Read more...

Country Still Torn by Civil War

Alumnus Among Those Seeking to Help
By Mitzi Ward

What a beautiful day in the first world!" Stephen Seper '98 beams from his office in San Diego. His appreciation for this beautiful Southern California day is heightened by memories of last year's missionary trip to Rwanda. Read more...

Living Water

They didn't set out to "build a miracle" — the 2,800-member church just wanted to help
By Susanne Hopkins

Last year, Kilisa women and children walked as much as five miles, sometimes several times a day, to find sources of water for their families, crops and livestock. Even then, the water was not always clean. Read more...

A Search for Truth and a Call to Freedom

New CLU Center Seeks to Unite Ventura County's Social Justice Communities
By Adina Nack, Ph.D.

Many prominent universities are contemplating how to renew their social contract with the public. Major initiatives have been launched to build university/community partnerships that focus on addressing key social problems such as health disparities, affordable housing and violent crimes. Read more...

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