Feature Stories

Leaders for a Global Society

CLU Grads are drawn to world issues
By Marsha Anderson

As they confront the challenges of hunger, health and economic development, three alumni from three different decades carry out CLU’s mission to serve the world. Read more...

A Journal from India

Senior student writes about journey

Following a three-week university-sponsored journey to India, communication major Clair Tenney ’08 writes about the unforgettable sights, sounds, moods and people she encountered there. Read more...

Does Turning It On Turn Kids Off?

Television and the impact on today's youth
By Brian Wilcox '73 Ph.D.

What effect does TV really have on youngsters? Psychologist, teacher and researcher 1973 alumnus Brian Wilcox, Ph.D., draws on his expertise to explore the pros and cons of childhood TV viewing. Read more...

MBA, MPPA Students Provide Free Consulting

CLU graduate students gain practical experience while offering assistance
to both for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

Why CLU?

By Marja Mogk, Ph.D.

At a recent faculty retreat, Marja spoke about her first encounter with CLU, and what drew her to become a part of the university. Read more...

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