Feature Stories

The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love

CLU alumni Peace Corp volunteers are making the world a better place
By Marsha Anderson

Helping people around the globe to learn new skills and become self-sufficient. Read more...

The Greening of CLU

By Karin Grennan

From class projects to construction materials, CLU is working to reduce its carbon footprint.

A Final Goodbye to the Little Theatre

By Michael J. Arndt, M.F.A.

Memories were shared and tears were shed when alumni and faculty gathered to bid a fond farewell to their beloved Little Theatre.

Cutting Edge Ministry

By the Rev. Kapp Johnson, J.D.

CLU has developed a new Youth and Family Ministry Program in response to the Church’s need for trained leaders.

Lessons from Mt. Clef Stadium

By Steven E. Ames, Ed.D.

Four former CLU gridiron players have taken what they learned at Cal Lutheran and gone on to coach football at the highest professional level.

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