11 Week Graduate Program New Student Orientation

Media Services

As a student and alumni of CLU, you are entitled to utilize all of the services provided by the department of Media Services.  For complete information for Media Services including contact information, hours of operations, equipment lists and current prices, please visit the Media Services webpage.

Equipment List

This equipment is available only to faculty, staff, students and alumni. If you would like to order any of this equipment please call Media Services at 805-493-3820 or fill out the equipment set up form.

    • TV/DVD Unit
    • PC Laptop
    • Camcorder & Tripod
    • LCD Projector
    • DVD Player
    • CD Player
    • VHS VCR 
    • Educue 
    • Digital Voice Recorder
    • Digital Video Camera 
    • Speakerphone
    • Microphones
    • Lighting Kit
    • Projection Screens                               

 Equipment Available (call Media Services for current prices)

LCD projector

VHS/SVHS Camcorder w/ tripod

Laptop computer (PC)

Digital-8/MiniDV Camcorder w/ tripod

Overhead (Transparency) projector

Portable cassette/CD stereo

16mm film projector

Amplifier (built-in CD, 30 watts)

35mm slide projector (Kodak)

Ku or C-band satellite

6’ or 8’ screen (Matte White)

Tape to CD (with or without color label)

Television & DVD player

Tape to DVD (with or without color label)

Video monitor

DVD to DVD (with or without color label)

VHS videocassette player

CD to CD (with or without color label)

¾” U-Matic video tape player

Delivery/Pickup charge for off campus use

Laserdisc player

Use of delivery van (local only)

Cassette tape recorder

Student A/V technician (hourly)

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