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Campus Public Safety & Security

For complete information related to Campus Public Safety & Security, please visit the Campus Public Safety & Security webpage.

Functions of Safety and Security

Security Officers do not possess police authority but work closely with the Thousand Oaks Police Department in performing these functions:

  • Conduct investigations into criminal activity and egregious violations of university policy involving students, staff or faculty.
  • CART (Consultation and Review Team) member
  • Operate the Emergency Notification System (3n)
  • Cleary Act Compliance and Reporting
  • First Responder to medical emergencies and emergency alarms
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Building access control
  • Special Requests:  vehicle lockouts, jump starts, escort service.
  • Assist Residence Life (room searches, fire drills)
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning 
  • 24 hour patrol of CLU property and buildings/enforce trespass laws


What We Do

The primary goal of Campus Public Safety is the protection of life and property and, secondly, to maintain peace and good order on campus.  These goals are accomplished by performing duties including, but not limited to the following:

  • High visibility vehicle and foot patrol. (Please note that Officers frequently drive well below the speed limit, which allows them to observe more than at higher speeds.)
  • Immediate response to emergency calls and reasonably prompt response to other calls.
  • Checking buildings, doors and windows and monitoring alarms.
  • Remaining alert for safety hazards and the relative potential for fire, flooding, earthquake, etc., and taking appropriate action as necessary.
  • Observing and reporting suspicious persons and circumstances to local police.
  • Enforcing University parking and traffic regulations.
  • Providing late-night escort service on an “as available” basis, which will not interfere with other duties which must have priority.
  • Maintaining a Ride-along program, which provides interested students with the opportunity to go on patrol with an Officer, thereby promoting mutual understanding.


24/7 Service

Helpful, experienced Campus Public Safety Officers are on duty at all times to assist you. All officers are certified and licensed by the State Department of Consumer Affairs. They have arrest powers similar to that of any person making a "citizen's arrest." However, they strive to promote an atmosphere which encourages enforcement of University policies to be viewed as educational opportunities, instead of punitive action.

Emergency Information

There are several ways for California Lutheran University students, faculty and staff to obtain information in case of an emergency:

  • Emergency Notification System Alerts – Students, faculty and staff can sign up in advance to receive information by phone, text message and/or email.  Within minutes of an emergency, messages will be sent out to everyone who has registered.

To sign up, log into the MyCLU portal at http://www.callutheran.edu/myclu and click on the CLU Alert tab.  Verify existing information and enter your additional contact information in the spaces provided.

  • CLU Website – Go to http://www.callutheran.edu
  • 1-866-258-1810 – Call to hear a recorded message
  • KCLU – Tune in to 88.3 FM for news coverage of the emergency
  • Should the University ever experience a temporary failure of its campus telephone system, security will switch to its emergency outside phone line: (805) 492-7542.


Abandoned Property

To check on lost items of personal property, or to turn in found items, please call Campus Public Safety at x3208. An Officer will return your call soon.


Emergency Vehicles

You are required to yield and pull over for any vehicle exhibiting flashing emergency lights, including Campus Public Safety Vehicles. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.


Loss Prevention

Here are some tips to prevent loss of property:

  • Mark all electronics and valuables (etching, indelible marker)
  • Record all serial and model numbers
  • Install a tracking system on computers (Bookstore has them)
  • Lock your valuables up
  • Install a computer cable lock and keep it locked down
  • Lock your room up, do not depend on others
  • Report unknown persons and allow no one to tailgate into a Residence Hall
  • Do not leave valuables visible in a vehicle
  • Report missing items immediately
  • Photocopy all your personal documents in your purse or wallet and keep the photocopy in a safe place
  • Report lost ID badge immediately
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