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El Salvador :: March 15 — 24, 2008

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Today was our first day building!

Today was our first day building! It was so much fun to work with the masons, locals, and other international volunteers to build houses for really kind and beautiful people. I met one family living in one of the houses we are working on for the week. It was so touching to meet them and hear about their family.

The entire project we are working on will eventually include 45 homes! 45 families will have new opportunities and affordable housing. Some of the children were there today and their innocence and joy of life was do hopeful to see. In fact the unity of so many different cultures is so hopeful and rewarding. At the orientation opening an uplifting speech was made that highlighted peace as one of the most important thing we work for.

It is so cool to be a part of this and to help in spreading peace to the world. I am so proud of the people here and of my group for being part of this.

Breana Coville, 09

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