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El Salvador :: March 15 — 24, 2008

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My group was working with soldiers

Well, it takes 10 minutes just to start this journal, I guess. Everyone still works really hard. However, for me, the soccer game after lunch is the greatest time of the day. I know I came here to build houses and do voluntary work, but honestly the soccer game is more fun. Because the soccer game combines every different person as one. Each one of us has various types of backgrounds, but when we play soccer language, race, or nationality doesn't matter at all.

While working on the site, I had a great time, too. Everyone is very friendly. My group was working with soldiers so that our differences make us try to know each other more and to understand others. I saw a three-star colonel today. He is the head of El Salvador's army. It was so funny to see the other soldiers all freeze up a lot.

I hope all of us have a great time up to the end of the Habitat work.

Jun Kang
(A Korean high school student from McCallie High School)

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