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El Salvador :: March 15 — 24, 2008

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Music - the true foundation of the house we're building

This experience has been incredible. Today a man named Vladmir, who simply walked up to the site, in proud English (that he learned by watching TV): "I want to thank you for help my people. Bless your life. Thank you."

It was the sweetest thing. The person I feel most connected with is Edgardo. We can only exchange small phrases, questions, and mostly pointing and expressions. I love that even with my little Spanish I can translate between Katie and Alison and Edgardo.

The best part of everyday are the moments when Edgardo (or us) break out in song. Music - the true foundation of the house we're building. The perfect ending to the day was Naomi's song about friendship - the house that our songs built.

On amor,
Juanita (Jenn Cline '09)

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