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Jonathan Cordero, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: jcordero@callutheran.edu
Phone: (805) 493-3284


As a cultural sociologist, Jonathan Cordero studies aesthetics in contemporary culture, culture theory, and social geography.

As an ethnohistorian and Native Californian, Jonathan studies California Indians during the Spanish Colonial and Early American periods, and has a keen interest in contemporary political issues regarding identity, land, and federal recognition.

He teaches courses in social theory, culture, religion, and racial and ethnic relations.



  • "Irreligious Art"
  • "Shock! Sex, Violence and Blasphemy in Pop Culture"

    A look at the sexual, violent and blasphemous aspects of pop culture and its affect on society

  • "The Nature of Contemporary Racism"

    A look at racism and its effects in today's society

  • "White Privilege"

    A look at racism and issues that bring about feelings of "white privilege"

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