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Jamshid Damooei, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics

Email: damooei@callutheran.edu


Economic research (with special emphasis on international economics, industrial organization and development economics) is Dr. Damooei's subject of choice. As the former Director General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance in Iran and later as a senior economist of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), he conducted a number of studies on the economies of developing countries such as Iran, Somalia and countries in the Horn of Africa. Dr. Damooei has traveled widely and is an international consultant for the UNDP.


  • "A Critical Analysis of Economic Assistance to Needy Countries"
  • "A Survey of Current Changes (Economic and Political) in Somalia"
  • "Analysis of Social Indicators in Ventura County"
  • "Looking into the Economic Profile of Ventura County: Past, Present and Future Challenges"
  • "Privatization: The Concept and the Promise"
  • "Quality of Life Issues in Ventura County"
  • "The Current State of the Iranian Economy"
  • "Economic Changes in the United States: Recession and Recovery"
  • "Analyzing Somalia's Past and Present Constraints and Opportunities for Creating a Conducive Future Economic Environment"
  • "The Current State of the Iranian Economy"
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