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Seth A. Wagerman, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Email: wagerman@callutheran.edu
Phone: (805) 493-3974


Seth Wagerman has published articles and made presentations regarding the dynamic interaction of persons, situations, and behavior - a psychological triad well-suited to his joint PhD in Personality and Social Psychology.  His current program of research examines facets of entitlement in the academic setting.  With collaborators at the UC, California State, and Community College level, he is currently leading the validation and refinement of an Academic Entitlement Scale; phases two and three of this research, exploring the personality and behavioral correlates of this construct as well as its potential associations with the current economic milieu and the instantaneous nature of mobile technology, are currently underway.

A member of the executive board of the Office for Undergraduate Research and Creative Works(OURCS), Dr. Wagerman firmly believes in the importance of involving students in all levels of research: his Individual Differences Lab includes a team of talented student researchers, he serves as a committee member on a number of honors theses each year (and occasionally serves as a chair on others), and a number of undergraduates have presented their work at national conferences under his mentorship.  Interested in the synergistic relationship between research and pedagogy, Dr. Wagerman was recently appointed conference coordinator for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psycholgy (SPSP) meeting.

Dr. Wagerman acts as advisor to the Anime Club, Tang Soo Do Club, and Trixx Club.  He is also the head of CLU's new martial arts program, and is excited about teaching the Korean art of Tang Soo Do to a new generation of students.

Courses Taught:

Department of Psychology

Theories of Personality (Spring/Fall)

Research Methods and Statistics I (Fall)

Perspectives on Women and Men (Fall)

Research Methods and Statistics II (Spring)

Advanced Research Methods and Statistics (Spring)

Department of Exercise Science

Tang Soo Do (Spring/Fall) 


  • "Personality vs. the SAT in Academic Achievement"
  • "Accuracy in Personality Judgment"
  • "Being a Good Consumer of Information (You are Your Own Best Resource)"
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