Trusts & Investments

The Trusts & Investments Department within the Business Office is responsible for accounting for Cal Lutheran's endowments; as well as trusts and gift annuities.  Working alongside the University Advancement Office, which facilitates giving to Cal Lutheran, the Director of Asset Managment records and reports endowment activity on a monthly basis.

The following Power Point Presentation provides information on the following:

  • Trusts & Investments Department
  • Endowed Gifts
  • Restricted Gifts
  • Quasi-Restricted Gifts
  • Designated Gifts
  • University Endowment Spending Policy
  • Annual Endowment "Spin-Off"
  • Taxes

UPMIFA Summary of Key Guidelines

In order to comply with California gift law, the University is required to obtain written (email or signed paper) records from a donor regarding the amount and any restrictions on the proposed gift.  Internally, the Univeristy requires written approval if such a gift requires a new account.  The following forms were designed to facilitate this process, but are not all inclusive.  Please contact University Advancement or Trusts & Investments if you need assistance with or modification of any of these forms.

For Permanently Restricted (Endowed) Gifts
For Restricted (as to time or purpose) Gifts
For Unrestricted Gifts Designated by the University

Or Unrestricted or Restricted Non-Endowed Gifts the University chooses to treat as Endowment ("Quasi") Gifts