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Bachelor's Degree for Professionals

Complete your bachelor's degree on your own schedule

Bachelor's Degree Programs

  • accounting

    The accounting curriculum provides a careful balance of accounting practice and theory. Since many students are already working in accounting or business, they find their studies especially relevant.

  • business
    Business Management

    Our School of Business provides a learning environment in which students can realize their full potential for professional preparation and personal growth.

  • cis
    Computer Information Systems

    The CIS program has been designed to meet the demand for graduates with a knowledge of information systems and their application to business environments.

  • communication

    A Communication degree incorporates the study of communication theory with the practical skills required in today's highly competitive marketplace.

  • cs
    Computer Science

    Our computer science graduates often pursue careers that utilize their skills in software and hardware development, programming, computer use in businesses, computer engineering and education.

  • org
    Organizational Leadership

    This program was developed to meet the needs of employees and leaders who are passionate about their work, desire upward mobility, and enjoy understanding the basis for better work environments.

  • psychology

    This program is for those interested in a career in mental health, gaining an understanding of human thought, emotion and behavior for everyday life, or graduate study.

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