No matter what industry you're in, you must be able to frame effective messages across an array of media platforms. A Communication degree provides a widely applicable course of study for lifelong learners.

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Program Highlights

A Communication degree at Cal Lutheran incorporates the study of communication theory with the practical skills required in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Students will develop a strong understanding of the history of media, writing, and the legal and professional contexts of the marketing and entertainment industries.

The Communication degree provides students with a comprehensive background in written and verbal communication applications.

Cal Lutheran Communication majors show impressive results in establishing internships or jobs before and after graduation.

Recent graduates have accepted rewarding positions in public relations, human resources, media market research, education, publishing, radio, television, or have continued on to graduate school.

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Program Requirements

Required credits: 40 credits minimum; 24 upper division credits. 2.0 minimum GPA.

Required Courses

COMM 101 (4) Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 231 (4) Writing for the Mass Media

Upper Division

COMM 300 (4) Communication Research Methods
COMM 401 (4) Communication Theories
COMM 490 (1-4) Independent Study
COMM 492 (1-4) Cooperative Education (Internship)

Advertising/Public Relations & Marketing (4)

Select one of the following:
COMM 342 (4) Public Relations
COMM/BUS 375 (4) Principles of Marketing
COMM 411 (4) Sports-related Marketing

Mass Communication (8)

Select two of the following:
COMM 308 (4) Politics in Cinema
COMM 405 (4) Freedom of Communication
COMM 406 (4) Legal Issues & the New Media

Interpersonal/Small Group/Organizational (8)

Select two of the following:
COMM 301 (4) Persuasive Communication Campaigns
COMM 306 (4) Business & Professional Communication

Writing Communication (2-4)

Select one of the following:
COMM 307 (3) Screenwriting
COMM 402 (4) Film Theory