The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is a rigorous investigation into the science of psychology. It provides a perspective of the history, background, historical and contemporary psychological theories, and applications of these theories to our current world.

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Program Highlights

Cal Lutheran University's Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides you with an expansive perspective of the field of psychology and its relevance in an increasingly diverse and globally engaging society.

Your experience as you complete the Psychology program will have you applying psychological theories and principles to investigate and solve current interpersonal, personal, and societal based problems as you gain perspective in four vitally important areas:

Personal development and analysis

Social awareness of values and principles

Yearning to learn more about psychology as a science

Cross-cultural competence

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Included among the many benefits of enrolling in the Psychology major are:

  • A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology can qualify you for a variety of positions, such as a case worker, crisis counselor, residential manager, law enforcement, probation officer, residential counselor, or program manager.
  • Your degree will teach you strategies for developing others, individually as well as in groups.
  • The study of psychology helps you gain an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of yourself and others by studying the development of the human mind.
  • The skills learned in psychology can also make you more competitive in many areas of business, including non-profits.
  • A Cal Lutheran Psychology degree equips you to integrate your faith with the theories and methods of psychology.
  • Upon completion, your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology will prepare you to enroll in a master's degree in a variety of areas — such as our Master of Science in Counseling Psychology or Master of Science in Counseling and College Student Personnel

Program Requirements

Required credits: 36 credits minimum; 24 credits upper division. 2.0 minimum GPA.

Required Courses

PSYC 200 (4) General Psychology
PSYC 222 (4) Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 312 (4) Research Design and Statistics I
PSYC 313 (4) Research Design and Statistics II
PSYC 331 (4) Physiological Psychology

One of the following:
PSYC 304 (4) Child and Adolescent Development
PSYC 305 (4) Adult Development and Aging 
PSYC 325 (4) Theories of Personality
PSYC 401 (4) Social Psychology

One of the following:
PSYC 315 (4) Principles of Learning and Memory
PSYC 416 (4) Social Learning Theory

One capstone course from the following:
PSYC 430 (4) Applied Psychology Practicum
PSYC 435 (4) Intro to Counseling and Psychotherapy

Elective course in Major

4 additional Psychology credits.

Minor in Psychology

Required credits: 19 credits minimum; 12 credits upper division. 2.0 minimum GPA.

Required Course

PSYC 200 (4) General Psychology

Elective Courses

15 additional Psychology credits. 12 credits must be upper division