Upward Bound Math & Science Center

Our Mission:

To motivate, challenge, and enrich eligible high school students to pursue post secondary degrees in the Math and Science fields.

History and Services


The Upward Bound Math Science Center at California Lutheran University was first funded in 1992 after Congress enacted on the initiative in 1990.  The program is designed to strengthen the math and science skills of participating students and to help students excel in the fields of math and science through post-secondary education.  The Upward Bound Math Science Center provides opportunities to low-income and first-generation college bound students.  The Center provides exposure to university faculty within the math and science fields, laboratory training, computer training, and exposure to industry professionals within the math and science fields. The Program at California Lutheran extends the boundaries of the local area.  The Program services students at Hawthorne and Leuzinger High Schools in Los Angeles County and Channel Islands HS, Fillmore HS, Hueneme HS, Oxnard HS, Pacifica HS and Santa Paula HS in Ventura County.

The Center offers two components: Summer Session and the Academic Year Session.

During the summer the students participate in:

  • Instruction in one of four core areas: Medical Science, Sports Medicine, Engineering, and Computer Science
  • Mathematics from Geometry through Calculus
  • English Composition, English Literature, Research Writing
  • Foreign Language
  • Computer Technology, Multimedia Technology
  • Study Skills and Test-Taking Skills
  • Educational and Cultural Field Trips
  • Special Opportunities such as SoCal Student Leadership Conference, and TRIO ThinkQuest Competition
  • Tutoring

During the Academic Year Session, students participate in seminars and cultural events.  They are also visited at their schools on a bi-monthly basis to supplement their academics and to receive needed services.  Their leadership abilities are developed through Student Leadership Conference, National TRIO Day and Policy Seminar in Washington D.C.  Tutoring is available and the seniors along with their parents are assisted during the summer and the academic year in college and financial aid applications, scholarship searches, college visits, SAT and ACT Preparation.



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