Academic Calendars

Four 11-week Terms

CLU offers Master of Business Administration courses year round in four 11-week terms: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Classes are scheduled at times convenient for persons who are employed full time during the day and furthering their education on a part-time basis. The continuous calendar gives students the flexibility needed to balance the demands of career and personal commitments with the pace of the program. Those who choose to do so may complete their program in one year by taking one course per term. Students who wish to proceed at a slower pace may do so as long as they complete the program within two years after their first registration.

Graduate Schedules

See the Registrar's Schedules & Calendars website for schedules.

CLU's programs for working professionals are known for relevant education that create opportunities and help graduates achieve their goals. A CLU degree is an investment that produces invaluble, lifelong returns.

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