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It's an opportunity to develop your skills and experience success in your chosen field while deepening your understanding of interdisciplinary science.

Home to CLU's Environmental Science Program as well as our Bioengineering Program, the Center will also administrate our integrated major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. The Center's mission is to provide talented students with a broad-based undergraduate education by offering a multidisciplinary modern science curriculum in the context of the University's traditions in the liberal arts and sciences. For our students, it's an opportunity to develop their skills and experience success in their chosen field while deepening their understanding of interdisciplinary science.

Still, at the core of this new Center remains a solid Science Division with key programs firmly established in Math, Physics, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Marine Science and Computer Science. Interdisciplinary programs to be administered within the Center include Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Environmental Science and Bioengineering. First among our peers to offer these leading edge programs, the Center for Integrated Science and Bioengineering is a true mark of distinction for the university. Find the sciences at CLU.

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