5-year BS/MS Program

The 5-year BS/MS program allows participants to obtain both a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Computer Information System and a Master of Science in Computer Science in 5 years.

Admission Requirements
  • Students must submit applicaion by Spring semester of their Junior year
  • Students should complete all G.E. requirements by the end of their Junior Year
  • Students should complete at least 40 credits towards the Major Requirement for BS degree in CS/CIS before the Spring semester of the Senior year.
  • Students who are enrolling graduate courses must be within 12 credits of completing BS in CS or CIS degrees.
  • Students are required to have at least a 3.2 in Computer Science undergraduate courses.
  • Admission is granted or denied before the Spring semester of Senior year.
  • All BS in CS/CIS requirements must be met by the end of the fourth year, and a application for degree should be filed to receive the BS in CS/CIS degree.
  • Graduate status is attained after all BS requirements have been met.

Other Program Requirements
  • During the senior year, students should take 8 units of graduate Computer Science courses.
  • Graduate courses taken in the senior year will count toward for graduate credit and should not be also used to satisfy the BS units requirements.
  • Any graduate courses taken prior to admission into the program can not count toward the MSCS requirements.

Study in classrooms and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and equipment including a wireless network facilitating the use of portable computers.

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