Year-round recreational activities in the area include camping, swimming and bicycling. Seasonal activities such as skiing and snowboarding are also accessible to students who are willing to make the short drive.

Recreational Activities

Southern California is legendary for its gracious outdoor living. The near-perfect climate encourages year-round hiking, camping, swimming, bicycling and backyard cookouts. The broad sandy beaches of Malibu and Ventura are less than a half hour drive from the city of Thousand Oaks, and winter ski resorts can be reached in about two hours (though temperatures never reach freezing on the CLU campus).

World class museums, theater, opera, pageants, and exhibitions can be found in Los Angles and surrounding communities - all less than an hour from campus. Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, is even closer. Universal Studios, Disneyland, Warner Brothers Studios, and other nearby attractions attract visitors from around the world, yet residents of Thousand Oaks enjoy all of these activities at their leisure, due to their proximity.

Seasonal recreational opportunities include sailing, whale watching, and spectator sports, such as American college football, the LA Dodgers baseball team, basketball with the LA Lakers, hockey with the LA Kings, and more. Hundreds of events are staged each week in Southern California, and many people take full advantage of their availability.

On weekends and holidays, local residents often make the short journey to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and other venues that are relatively close by.


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