Computer Science

In keeping with the fast-growing computer science industry, Computer Science programs are designed to to prepare students for an industrial, business, or governmental career. CLU offers majors and minors in both computer science and computer infomation systems, and certificats in infomation technology and information systsems.

CLU computer science graduates often pursue careers that utilize their skills in software and hardware development, programming, computer use in businesses, computer engineering and education. Graduates of CLU's computer science program are working at Disney, J.D. Power and Associates, Teradyne, Litton Industries, Aerospace contractors, and big eight accounting firms. Computer science students are in demand and CLU's graducates enjoy a high rate of placement in hobs or graducate schools.

An important aspect of the MSCS program at CLU is the wealth of "hands-on" opportunities for students. Courses are carefully designed to combine the study of fundamental theory with sound practice, appying technologies to real-world problems in the comfort of the classroom. And given the constant change that exists in the field, the program offers special topic courses that can keep students abrest of the newest technological advances as they are introduced.

Computer Infomation Systesm

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is a rapid growth, high-demand area combining studies in computer science and business management. The CIS major, one of two computer-oriented majors at CLU, has been designed to meet the demand for graduates with knowledge of information systems and their application to business environments.

Along with an emphasis on computer applications in software, hardware and programming, CIS majors receive a strong business and liberal arts education. CIS represents a major area in computing, and CLU graduates are prepared for careers in a variety of industries.

CIS graduates are encouraged to participate in internships and major projects offered through numerous research industries located near the University. CIS graduates have gone on to work at noted research corporations such as Rockwell International, Prudential Insurance, J.D. Power and Associates, IBM, HP, Hughes, Raytheon and Litton Industries, as well as in industries that range from entertainment to banking to pharmaceuticals.

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