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November 2007:
A Medieval Feast

On November 17, 2007 English 451, a single author class focusing on Chaucer’s works celebrated Medieval cuisine with a feast. The following is a selection of the menu as well as recipes for each medieval delicacy. The English department would like to thank Dr. Sims and all contributors for their delicious insights.

The English Department Adopts a Family

CLU’s English department participated in a Beyond Shelter Adopt-A-Family program.  Participants in the program “adopt” a family in dire need of assistance and purchase Christmas presents based on what the family needs and wants.  All of the families in the program are participants in Beyond Shelter’s “Housing First” program for homeless families and are either currently homeless and living in a shelter or temporary emergency housing, or have only recently been moved into permanent rental housing.

The department’s adopted family. Lisa and Ian Daniels, became homeless after fleeing domestic violence.  Lisa is a 43 year old single mother and her son Ian is 15 years old.  The experience of living in a shelter was hard on them, but Lisa continues to remain positive for her son ,and Ian tries not to give his mom problems.  Ian has maintained a 3.6 GPA in school.

The pictures below show Ian and Lisa holding up the Christmas presents that the English Departmental Assistants bought and wrapped for them.  With monetary contributions from everyone in the department, the Departmental Assistants were able to purchase much needed clothing, a computer, and other items that Ian and Lisa needed.

2010 Senior English Major
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