Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology - Thesis Abstracts

"Aggression, Fantasy Proneness And Pornography Use As Predictors of Sexually Aggressive Ideations In College Students"

by Danielle Todaro (November 2007)


The purpose of this study was to examine aggression, fantasy proneness and pornography use as predictors of sexaully violent ideations among male and female college students. This study was carried out with the college population as sexual violence and aggression are prominent in this community.

Furthermore, both sexes were examined in order to determine if any discernable gender differences existed among these three factors. A total of 93 male and female students from a small faith-based university completed self-report questionnaires in order to obtain information about their levels of aggression, fantasy proneness and pornography use.

Students were then asked to choose the most appealing scenario from a series of three sexual vignettes ranging from low to highly sexually aggressive. These data were studied using multiple regression analysis to determine the predictive qualifites of each three factors.

Results indicate that use of violent pornography among male college students may predict sexaully violent ideations in that population. The results, however, failed to dermine if aggression, fantasy proneness and pornography use are predicative of these same ideations in females.

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