Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology - Thesis Abstracts

"Condom Use Self-Efficacy and Observed Condom Use Skills in College Students"

by Erick Robert Elhard (June 2007)


The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between condom use self-efficacy and measurable condom use skills in college students. Research has shown that college students frequently engage in sexual activity, though their knowledge regarding the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the skills necessary to practice safe sex have been called into questions.

The Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale (CUSES) and the Measure of Observed Condom Use Skills (MOCUS) were utilized along with a demographic and personal history sheet to accomplish the purpose of the study. As part of the quasi-experiment, 40 undergraduates were evaluated to see how gender and order effects impacted performance on the CUSES and the MOCUS.

All participants were recruited haphazardly in campus dormitories and all participants were briefed regarding the nature and intent of the current study. Data were analyzed utilizing a 2-way MANOVA design. No gender differences were found, but results showed an order of presentation effect.

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