Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology - Thesis Abstracts

"Management of experiential avoidance in a college population"

by Alba RocĂ­o Andrade (August, 2011)

The purpose of this study was to determine if an individual's happiness or level of life satisfaction while engaging in experiential avoidance can increase as a result of the individual's values, ability to cope with stressful events and his or her ability to cognitively defuse negative thoughts. Participants consisted of 16 male and 42 female students at California Lutheran University between the ages of 18 to 46. All students completed a self administered survey packet containing six scales. Scales included in the packet were an avoidance questionnaire, a cognitive diffusion scale, a coping scale, a values inventory, a subjective happiness scale, and life satisfaction scale. A multiple regression analysis indicated that coping and values did not have an effect on the relationship between happiness or satisfaction with life. Cognitive diffusion did not have an effect on happiness, however it did have an effect on the relationship between satisfaction with life and avoidance.

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