Career paths for Multimedia majors are as unique and individual as the students who pursue them. Together, the student and faculty mentor identify long-term goals and structure a course of study that enables the student to prepare for that career.

About the Program

Using digital technology as a tool for creative expression. Melding this technology with visual artistry. A team-focused attitude. It takes a special person to succeed in multimedia. And that's why CLU's multimedia department takes only a select few.

Students embark on a three-year, cross-disciplinary degree-after completing the introductory course during freshman year. Transfer students may be accepted into the program on the basis of previous college coursework.

Emphasizing creativity and teamwork-to mirror the work environment they will enter-the curriculum focuses on development of multimedia production skills through project-based assignments, while addressing the social, ethical, and legal issues facing the industry. Students tackle projects in web design, interactive kiosk interface, independent movies, movie trailers, 3D animation, and digital music. Final presentation of each student's work requires the development of an interactive DVD.

Students use programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks and Flash; and multimedia authoring and video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. They work on state-of-the-art video workstations and use 3-D graphics tools such as Cinema 4D and Maya.

Throughout the program, students work closely with mentors who provide guidance and individualized attention. Work is evaluated on the basis of performance competencies and project portfolios, giving a professional focus to student work.

A required internship enables students to gain hands-on experience while building connections with working professionals in the region's rapidly growing multimedia industry. Students have interned in recent years at ABC Television, Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Paradox Development, Visual Eyes, Fox Sports West, Harlan West Studio, Maxon, and iVative.

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