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Music Technology at CLU

Ever wanted to produce your own recordings? How about compose music for a soundtrack? At CLU, you can learn the latest music production techniques using state of the art audio workstations.

The crown jewel of CLU’s music technology is a fully equipped Pro Tools HD2 Accel recording workstation housed in the Spies-Bornemann TV Studio. With this workstation, you can record, edit, and mix your projects with the highest level of professionalism.

The Digital Music Lab offers students 24-hour a day access to a variety of music production tools and the latest in midi software instruments.

Our SBET 138 Macintosh lab has 24 workstations equipped with Logic 9 music production software.

CLU is also proud to be an educational partner with McDowell Signal Processing. Our Pro Tools workstation and Digital Music Lab are equipped with the latest McDSP high-end signal processors.

The music department currently offers a B.A. in Music Production, and a B.A. in Music with an Emphasis in Music Technology. For more information, please contact Dr. Mark Spraggins.

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