Political Science Department

About the Program

The mission of the Political Science Department is to provide a personalized education of distinction that fosters students' intellectual and critical skills, and develops their capacities to apply the study of politics to the conditions of political life especially in the context of diversity and globalization.

Through its courses and experiential learning opportunities, the CLU Political Science department is unified by two broad themes: civic engagement and global citizenship. The Department is committed to the belief that one of the goals of education is to link scholarship, teaching and applied knowledge to the academic study of politics.

Students are offered opportunities to study abroad at Oxford and other notable programs, engage in community development and service projects, and intern in public policy and non-profit agencies in Washington, DC and throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Typically, CLU political science majors pursue careers in teaching, public administration, law and politics; they're also found working in foreign service, urban planning, and political analysis organizations. Many choose to attend graduate or law school after earning their CLU degrees.

It's great preparation for careers in politics and government, law and business-giving students the broad liberal arts background needed for work in a variety of fields. That's why political science is a sought-after major at Cal Lutheran.

The department offers unique opportunities to study political science and experience life in the political arena. Courses are offered in a number of areas including government, law and legal process, national and international politics, parties and public opinion, ancient and modern political thought, constitutional law, state and urban government and politics, ethnic politics, and the civil rights movement.

Students often find their coursework linking up with their studies in other departments, including law, business, philosophy, sociology, and history-making the study of political science a true exercise in liberal arts education. They're encouraged to earn credits through internships and courses taken at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, less than 10 minutes from campus-where they work as docents, assistant archivists, library and business office aides, and researchers.

Many political science majors participate in CLU's Washington Semester Program with the Lutheran Colleges Washington Consortium, spending a semester taking courses and interning in the nation's capital. Recent internships have included work in Congressional offices, the White House, District and U.S. courts, trade associations, news agencies, museums, the Republican National Committee, National Institutes of Health, and defense organizations.

By learning how to analyze the structures, processes and outcomes of governmental decisions, political science graduates are prepared for responsible roles in the political, economic and business life of the nation-wherever their careers may lead.

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