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National Chemistry Week

The Fourth Week of October is National Chemistry Week, sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The ACS Student Chapter will be holding a celebration of chemistry From Tuesday, 10/22 to Thursday 10/24. We will discuss, speak, and celebrate how chemistry plays a role in our life, with special attention on energy and sustainability.

Daily Themes!

Tuesday - Batteries and Energy!

  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Demonstration
  • Batteries and Energy
  • Robot vs. Corn Starch Demo
  • Free Food

Wednesday - Chemistry and The Human Body

  • How does the body break down food?
  • Explore sugars, fats, cholesterol, and other compounds that make up our food
  • Free Food
  • Oxidized Gummy Bears!

Thursday - Alternative Energy and Sustainable Practices

  • Explore new type of modern alternative energy
  • See a live fuel cell
  • "Surprise Gift" Raffle
  • Free Food

We will spread chemical awareness, hand out food, and raffle out prizes. Come celebrate National Chem Week!

Sponsored By

American Chemical Society Student Chapter


Greg Salazar