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Stop by the Flagpole from 9:30am-3:00pm to visit Northwestern Mutual's Information Table!  Rachel Levine, Campus Recruiter, will be there to recruit college students for an internship with the company.  Here is more info on the internship:

The responsibilities of an “intern” or College Financial Representative mirror those of a Career Financial Representative. In most ways, our College Reps follow the same process for establishing their careers as our full-time Financial Representatives.

As our College Reps build their business, they will:

Meet With Clients - Set up appointments to discuss their clients' financial goals and current financial situation.

Analyze the Client's Situation - After extensive fact-finding, they will uncover long term goals that they will use to help determine their clients’ needs.

Make Recommendations - After evaluating their client's current situation and goals, they will determine what products can help fill their needs and present appropriate solutions to their clients.   

Provide Ongoing Service - Continue to work with their clients beyond the close of the sale. Most Financial Representatives contact their clients twice per year to determine whether their needs have changed, and keep them aware of the resources available to them.

College Financial Representatives will work closely with mentors and clients to provide needs-based analysis and develop customized financial solutions to help ensure a client's needs are met at every life stage. Northwestern Mutual assists Financial Representatives with many steps towards success, including extensive training from certified trainers in sales and financial products, building a client base and access to knowledgeable financial specialists. As full-time college students, College Reps have a flexible schedule and during the summer generally work 15 to 20 hours per week developing business and client building skills.

Northwestern Mutual’s internship program provides a valuable opportunity for students to combine their college classroom learning with a real life look into what they could truly make of themselves. College Financial Reps will have the opportunity to work in a real world business environment and earn performance-based compensation.

Unlike most part-time college jobs, our internship has led to satisfying careers for many former College Financial Reps. In fact, one in three become a full-time representative upon graduation. Regardless of which career path students in our program choose, they find they have grown in self-confidence, professionalism, increased their skills in communication, time-management, selling, networking and have a better understanding of their own personal financial future.

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