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SEEDs for Haiti - Project Kickoff & Awareness Event

College students, industry professionals, and local Haitians are teaming with the non-profit Hands of Light in Action to implement small-scale gardens with the most efficient and sustainable designs available, eventually offering maximal nutritional, educational, and economical output. Our Haitian volunteers will be trained for long term agricultural management, and will act as the true seeds planted in these impoverished villages. This internal support system will sprout the success Haiti needs.

HOLIA’s goal is to guide Haitians to mentor each other to when provided with the appropriate amount of initial supplies, education, and support networks. This is a collaborative project. We are partnering with renowned mycologist Tradd Cotter to utilize fungi cultivation technologies for protein source production, soil nourishment, water filtration, and waste management. HOLIA is working with experts in permaculture and aquaponics to mold the most effective strategies in our rehabilitative efforts.

Hands of Light in Action’s philosophy is to “Assist people in need,” but does so with individualized and direct approaches. Volunteers live with the villagers to understand their lifestyle, so that comprehension occurs before action. This is the strategy for Operation: Seeds of Light. Combining the expertise of spec ialists in mycology, permaculture, aquaponics, water filtration, sports, and medicine, HOLIA seeks to create of synergistic ecosystem of flourishing growth.

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SEEdS for Haiti


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