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Language Placement Exam (LPE)

Language Placement Exam (LPE)
  • CLU’s CORE 21 general education requirement for foreign language is proficiency in a foreign language at the second semester level.
  • The purpose of LPE is to assess a student’s level of proficiency in a foreign language.
  • The LPE score is used to determine the appropriate level for placement and/or
proficiency of a foreign language.

  • CAAR offers LPE to current CLU students in UNOFFICIAL(for placement purposes only) and PROCTORED (for proficiency purposes which may satisfy the CORE 21
requirement) settings.
  • Students may take the exam a maximum total of THREE times for the purpose of placement and/or proficiency.

  • Students may use the unofficial placement score to register in the appropriate language course; satisfactory completion of the foreign language course at or beyond the second semester level may be used to fulfill the CORE 21 foreign language requirement.

  • Students who wish to satisfy the CORE 21foreign language requirement through LPE must contact CAAR to take the designated exam in a proctored setting.

  • Students whose proctored test results show they are proficient at the second semester level or higher will complete the CORE 21Foreign Language requirement but will NOT receive course credit.

  • Students who can demonstrate language competency at higher levels may choose to continue studying a foreign language major or minor; they are encouraged to meet with the Department of Languages and Cultures to find out more information.

  • All LPE scores will be reported to the Registrar’s Office and placed in the student’s academic record.



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