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Casting for Admitted Students Day Video

Casting for Admitted Students Day Video

Who: Any student (Male or Female) (Freshmen to Seniors) who is heavily involved on Campus. Involvement includes but is not limited to:

(Board) member of a club, campus job, internship, study abroad, athletes, sproting events, any leadership roles, a declared major, strong campus events attendance, resident or commuter,
participating in Mr. Kingsmen, etc.

Directions: Submit a 30 second video illustrating why you’d make a good candidate to display to the class of 2018. Make sure to include your name, hometown, class year, and major. Here are some suggested talking points:

Any Clubs you’re involved in:

Where you work if you do:

What Hall you live in/where are you commuting from:

What classes are you taking:

What you do in your free time:

What events have you been to/plan on going to:

Anything else interesting about yourself

Those who are selected will be asked to film his/her daily routine (waking up, eating, classes, socializing, attending events, working etc.)  over a period of three to four weeks.We may ask you to attend a specific event such as Mr. Kingsmen or the Farmers Market to illustrate as many aspects of Cal Lutheran as possible on ASD.

All applicants should be familiar with the basics of filming, and comfortable filming themselves around campus. We will want shots of you in the frame as well as a first person point of view. Applicants should be confident and outgoing while describing what they are doing in the current shot.

Please note that all videos should be shot horizontally/landscape frame. Do not shoot vertical video.

Your video (link) can be e-mailed to

Top ten candidates will be notified via e-mail to set up a personal interview. Contact S. Nisha Kondrat at the above e-mail address with any questions regarding the video submission.

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