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CLU LEAD: Kevin Snyder's Passion Project

CLU LEAD: Kevin Snyder's Passion Project

How can I become more enthusiastic about my life and future? Is living my dream possible? What is the true source of leadership and how do I apply it to achieve my goals?

Dr. Kevin Snyder knows the feeling- he’s been there. Kevin nearly dropped out of college due to his own apathy and lack of purpose, but returned to achieve post-graduate degrees, complete leadership research, and invest a career in the field of College Student Affairs. Kevin is a strong proponent of the power of passion and vision, and he believes in all that is possible!

The PASSION Project is a powerfully engaging, highly interactive and passion-filled presentation that helps students independently solve problems such as lack of motivation, absence of direction, and decreased confidence. Empowering students to think bigger than ever before, Kevin will guide students in discovering their authentic desires and goals. Students will also learn why passion is one of the most essential characteristic to lead effectively and influence others for positive change.  Once these goals are visible, students will feel motivated to surge ahead with newfound strength and passion, molding their campus community into all it can be, and more!

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