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Sacred Roots, Leaves of Faith Soul Collage

Sacred Roots, Leaves of Faith Soul Collage

The Soul Collage process is an exploration of the soul. Stir together the ingredients of your imagination, intuition and the Holy Spirit with a few powerful, cut-out images, and you can create a SoulCollage (prayer) card. This card can carry deep personal meaning that can help you in prayer, life’s questions and transitions.

This process begins as simple, creative fun that can suddenly surprise and awaken you. It can deepen your experience of Spirit and God. Much is done in thoughtful silence, with an option to journal and will end together in sacred conversation.   

You may find a deep place in your soul where dreams and wisdom come from; the place where the Mystery of God meets us in our interior self.

Competition is to be discouraged and all cards are to be honored. 

This is a creative process that anybody can do!

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