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Foreign Language Placement Exams

Beginning Spring 2014 semester the Center for Student Success is transitioning the Language Placement Exam testing to the Department of Languages and Culture. The student assistant to the Language Placement Exam, Joya Soiland, will be answering all inquiries. She can be reached at

For Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish.


CORE-21 Foreign Language Requirements

LPE Testing Policies

Students may take the exam a maximum of THREE times during their CLU career.

Students whose proctored test results show they are proficient at the second semester level or higher will complete the CORE 21 Foreign Language requirement but will NOT receive course credit.


*Graduating Seniors:

If you are planning to graduate in May and/or walk in May, the last opportunity to complete the language exam in a proctored setting and apply towards your degree is the last testing date listed before April 1st.

Proctored LPE Test Dates
Fall 2014

Please note, during testing any form of academic dishonesty
will be reported to Academic Affairs.


Tuesday, 11/11/14
SBET 138

5:00 - 6:30pm

Wednesday, 12/3/14
SBET 138

5:00 - 6:30pm

To RSVP click here.

For additional questions please email Joya Soiland, the student assistant for the Language Placement Exam, at

CLU ID is required at the time of testing.

Scoring Break Down for Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish

Other Languages

If you are proficient in another language aside from the ones listed above (Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish), you may request testing in that language by contacting Joya Soiland, the student assistant for the Language Placement Exam, at The foreign language requirement is waived for international students who verify academic study of their native language through the high school level.

Please note that not all languages may be available and fees may apply to secure order, proctor, and grade the exam. These tests are for proficiency ONLY. Upon successfully passing the exam you will be exempt from taking foreign language at CLU, but you will not receive any credits.

View a list of available languages

FAQ for other languages

Accommodations for Disability Related Needs Policies and Procedures


Contact Joya Soiland, the student assistant for the Language Placement Exam, with any questions. She can be reached at


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