Associated Students of
California Lutheran University

Executive Cabinet

"The purpose of the Executive Cabinet shall be to provide leadership for the Senate and Programs Board, to assure the execution and implementation of the policies and programs adopted by Senate and Programs Board, and to formally represent the interests of the students enrolled at California Lutheran University."

- ASCLU Constitution

Elizabeth Manuel (Executive Cabinet & Programs Board Advisor), Andre Andoyan (President), Maxi Jones (Senate Director), Katy Crabtree (Programs Board Director), Jae Park (Recorder), Beau Pellowski (Controller), Jaime Faucher (Senate Advisor).

Stop by the ASCLUG Office for any of your ASCLUG needs, ideas, concerns, etc. so that we can point you in the right direction! Our office is located in the Middle Modular Unit (across from Swenson Building). Feel free to stop by any time, or email us to schedule a meeting (see "Contact Us" on the left-hand column).

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