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2015 Senior Challenge

Every year, the graduating class leaves behind a gift as a token of appreciation to the University. The first graduating class of 1964 left the Enormous Luther statue, now lovingly known as Gumby. The class of 2012 decided to donate their gift to the CLU Annual Fund and had the most successful class challenge to date.

This year the Class of 2015 will again contribute our gift to the Annual Fund. However, we have struck a compromise to balance the effectiveness of the donation with a desire to leave a physical mark on campus. Once we reach our goal- the Senior Pride Committee will decide where to put a plaque to recognize our class support of the Annual Fund. If you have any ideas, let us know!

The Senior Challenge is your chance to join the Class of 2015 and start the tradition of giving back and leave your mark on campus.

Make YOUR CLASS Gift Online!

What is Senior Challenge?

  • Senior Challenge is our first step into the community of CLU alumni. After four years of shared experiences, it is a chance to think about the unique resources we have had access to and give back to the institution and community that shaped us.
  • It's a challenge among the Class of 2015 seniors to raises money to support financial aid, scholarships, academic and co-curricular programming, study abroad opportunities, classroom and lab equipment, state of the art technology and hiring and maintaining great faculty. It basically ensures every future CLU student gets the same opportunities you did!
  • It is a class milestone. One that will have a lasting impact on the next generation of CLU students. This money has an immediate impact and will be spent in the same year it is received, supporting both current and future students.

Why Should I Support the Annual Fund?

You may not realize it, but CLU alumni have already had an impact on your college life. You have benefited from their generosity: from supporting scholarships and financial aid to enhancing all aspects of student life. As a soon-to-be alum, you now have the same opportunity.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you have benefited from Annual Fund gifts yourself:

  • Do you receive any financial assistance in the form of scholarship or financial aid?
  • Do you use computers or wireless internet on campus?
  • Do you play a sport or participate in a student organization or club?
  • Do you use equipment in your classroom or books from the library?
  • Do you enjoy the beautiful campus and grounds?

Plain and simple- you love CLU and you want to leave your mark before you graduate in May.

Plus, give a gift of $20.15 or more, and receive a special, one of a kind senior t-shirt and a purple & gold tassel for graduation! Don't be left out!

How to Give:

  • Online: Give by credit card.
  • Mail: CLU Annual Fund Office
    60 West Olsen Road, Campus Mail #1625
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • In Person: Bring your gift directly to the Annual Fund office upstairs in the Pederson Administration Building, Suite 209.

Get Involved

For more information or to get involved please contact Ariel Collins at 805-493-3829 or


Senior Honor Roll of Donors:

Alethea Acasio
Lauren Achen
Adriana Adler
Michael Alvarez
Ally Andrews
Jessica Aparicio
Yewint Aung
Kari Ayres
Kristin Bailey
Sarah Baker
Elizabeth Ballentine
Sarah Barber
Danielle Barnes
Gabriela Barrera
Jonathan Barton
Imelda Bealer
Kevin Beams
Jack Bension
Teresa Bergazin
Sara Bergeron
Fransheska Berrios
Natasha Boychenko
Jacob Burman
Allison Calabrese
Megan Callery
Sydney Carlson
Julie Carpenter
Kacy Cashatt
Lauren Casnave
Lisandra Castro
Jena Chavez
Daniel Chell
Erin Chisolm
Shonna Christianson
Erron Christmas
Stephanie Cissell
Laura Clark
Alison Clark
Rachael Cortina
Anna Coulson
William Cowles Meyer
Warner Cutbill
Troy Davis
Brooke Delao
Miguel Duran
Arielle Eckerman
Kirra Egan
Trudi Ernsberger
Brandon Faber
Justin Fallon
Ryan Fleming
Ashley Garcia
Diana Garcia
William Gaut
Sarah Getzinger
Mirielles Gilbert
Lauren Goss
Michelle Grawet
Joshua Gray
Paige Green
Breanna Greene
Kaylan Gutknecht
Keegan Guy
Sean Handley
Cody Harper
Tanya Hirzel
Brian Hix
Jeremy Hoffman
Kevlyn Holmes
Kaitlyn Horpedahl
Kevin Howe
Adrienne Ingalla
Lisa Jadali
Jeffrey Jesalva
Xueyao Jiang
Desiree Johnson
Kaylee Kastrup
Nicollette Kern
Troy Krieger
Madeleine Krueger
Lindsey Kuramoto
Nicole Kuratli
Lindsay Larosa
Henry Leff
Marcell Lee
Megan Lennon
Johanna Lockwood
Sarah Lowrey
Samantha Mallory
John Marino
Megan Marlow
Ashley Marten
Katherine McConnell
Kayla Meade
Rosa Mendez-Martinez
Illissa Mestas
Ashley Miller
Andrea Miller
Brooke Minnich
Natalia Modiano
Nolan Monsibay
Alastair Moody
Meredith Mooers
Galen Morrison
Kelly Morro
Emily Nerland
Anissa Nguyen
Michael Nicholson
Alicia Nunez
Rebecca O'Hearn
Celine Olivas
Hannah Orlandi
Jade Ortiz
Jessica Padilla
Veronica Pak
Eric Patyk
Brigitte Paul
Kennedy Peters
Emma Peterson
Sarah Peterson
Taylor Pickett
Andrew Pineda
Michael Potter
Ann Quist
Gabriela Ramirez Castorena
Jacqueline Ramsay
Alfredo Ranieri
Stella Ranieri
Paige Rios
Jennifer Robinson
Rene Robles
Marcelline Rodden
Pamela Romer
Chenin Ryan
Alyson Santa
Nickole Scholey
Kevin Schultz
Jillian Sessions
Kooshawn Shokraie
William Small
Dacotah Smith
Nicholas Sondgeroth
Stefani Soto
Grace Stepien
Maria Stoll
Maureen Sullivan
Jimmy Sweeden
Andrew Swinburne
Alexandria Templin
David Tokioka
Megan Turner
Veronica Ucan
Kersti Uthus
Joanna Van Nyhuis
Courtney Vendetti
Randolph Viola
Kendahl Waalk
Mary Wakabayashi
Danielle Warmuth
Alison Waxman
Kaitlyn Webster
Shawna Weller
Jill West
Brandon White
Taylor Will
Lauren Witman
Corina Wolf
Danica Wolf
Laura Zazueta
Monica Zepeda
Yili Zhao
Paige Zimmer
Lauren Blachowiak
Cecilia Calderon
Natalie Samuelian
Shooshan Zargaryan

Current Amount: $4,860.00

To beat last year's class, this year we have a goal $8,600! In order to reach this goal, we need at least 65% of the senior class to participate.

Step up to the Challenge now!


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