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Alternative Summer Break!

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Application acceptance is now closed, but to see the full Student Application packet, click here.

Individual Student Trip, Travel Grant, Student Trip Leader, & Faculty Participant applications are located below and have more information about these opportunities.


  • What is the purpose of this trip?
    To offer support and direct service to an area in need somewhere within the United States. This could include service to areas affected by natural disasters, or urban areas where poverty and homelessness are common, for example.  This year we will be traveling to San Francisco, California to learn about and participate in service regarding homelessness, hunger, etc.
  • When is the trip?
    May 18-23, 2014
  • How much will the trip cost? $300

    Trip Costs: This includes all transportation, housing, meals, on-site service coordination, equipment, etc., and any excursion activities.  When you apply, we will be asking for you to pay the first $50 as a deposit on the trip.

    Personal/ "Pocket" expenses: This is to help cover those extra costs that are not already covered. This could be optional activities, forgotten items, or anything "extra".

  • What will we do during the day?
    This varies by site. Sometimes we'll know in advance, and other times, we'll know once we get there. This depends on the needs of the community during our trip. More specific information about this particular trip will be coming soon.
  • Where will we stay and eat?
    We often stay at our organization's volunteer housing or at a local host church, where we will eat most (if not all) of our meals. Other meals may come from local restaurants.  Expect to bring a sleeping bag or bedding.
  • What will we do in the evenings?
    We ask participants to participate in group time on a nightly basis (approx. 1 hour).  Some nights are games or fun activities, others more reflective or educational. 
  • What if I cannot afford this trip, but want to attend?
    Karen and Melissa have several resources and ideas about how to fundraise (see FAQs). We also have a fundraising letter (coming soon!) prepared for you to supplement any fundraising campaign you may do; just open, print and include in your packet. There are also travel grants to apply for (information below) and small group leadership positions on the trip (also information below).
  • For the basic Student Trip Application, click here!
  • Student Trip Leader Position

    A great opportunity to lead your peers on a service trip. Design and facilitate reflections and evening activities, serve as a communication point person on-site, and receive a trip cost reduction.

    Late applications will not be considered.

    2014 STL Application
  • Travel Grants

    There are travel grants provided to CLU students from the Community Leaders Association.

    Late applications will not be considered.

    2014 Travel Grant Application
  • Faculty Participant

    We welcome and encourage faculty members who are interested in being a part of this experiential learning process; especially those with experience to share.

    2014 Faculty Application

Contact Karen Schomaker at or Melissa Maxwell-Doherty at with questions.

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