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Homeless Shelter Overnight Winter 2013

Date: Feb 8 – Feb 9
Time: 5:00 – 8:00am
Location: United Methodist Church in Thousand Oaks
Meetup Time: 5:00pm
Meetup Location: Student Life Mod #1

1 available spots remaining

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Event Description

The Community Service Center will be partnering with the United Methodist Church next Friday, February 8th, for our annual Homeless Shelter Overnight. We will be assisting with the evening and morning meals, and sleeping arrangements. Get ready to have a chance to make conversation right before we watch a movie. Come join in on a good cause with your CSC family. We will be meeting at Module #1 at 5:00pm before we make the trip over.

Please sign-up online at the CSC event homepage at on the Event Calender. You must register for a spot online to participate.

Who's going?

  • Grace Alvarado
  • Ashlee Bowen
  • Matthew Bowman
  • Bridgette Carrillo
  • Derek Field
  • Karyssa Gurule
  • David Lee
  • Benjamin Lewenstein
  • Courtney Nunez
  • Alexis Schomer
  • Allison Silver
  • Karl Steiger
  • Jeremy Sulker Hall
  • Wayne Swinson
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