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5 on 5 Basketball

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The traditional 5-on-5 co-ed basketball season starts up February 18th and will be played on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm - 11:30pm in Soiland Gym. Each team must have at least 5 players, with at least one player from each gender being on the court at all times. Teams may have up to 10 players per roster. to collect forfeit fees, go over rules and to go over the season schedule.

Spring 2013 Champions

Championship Game:

The Real Kings II capped off their near-perfect season with a victory over Lebrontourage, 40-27, to win the Intramural 5 on 5 Basketball Championship. Both teams came out ready to play in the first half, displaying total determination to shut the opponent down. Players were collecting rebound after rebound, as both teams’ defense was impenetrable. Coming out in the second half, The Real Kings found an early rhythm, and the three point shots started falling. The Real Kings continued their efforts on the defensive side of the court, and held Lebrontourage to a tough shooting half, and were able to hold on to a hard-fought victory.    

Above: Champions- The Real Kings II

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