Senior Year Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Your one-stop shop for all your final semester and graduation questions.

Final Semester and Various Senior Questions:

I was recently turned away from a senior event, why?

You may have recently been turned away from a Senior event if you don't currently have enough credits to graduating in the spring. Please be sure to check with the Registrar's Office to ensure that you are set to graduate in May with your fellow classmates.

Where/ how do I get a copy of my transcripts?

All transcript requests must be submitted online. You can reach the request website two ways:

1. Log into MYCLU and hit the new transcript tab on the far right and go through the steps listed OR
2. Go through the URL:

  • Effective January 3, 2012 this will be the only way to order transcripts
  • Remember, if you are awaiting grades or a degree to be posted, indicate that on your request.
  • Trasnscipts can be mailed or sent electronically as a PDF.

Where do I get my honors checklist?

If you are planning on graduating with honors, please be sure to pick up your Honors Checklist from the Registrar's Office.  This form needs to be turned in by April 1, 2012.  

When do I have to be out of the halls after graduation?

You have until noon on the Sunday after graduation (May 13, 2012) to completely check out of the halls. Start packing those boxes early!


Graduation Questions:

How do I apply for graduation?

Please visit the Registrar's Office to apply for graduation. This is currently the only way to apply.

What shoes am I allowed to wear for graduation?

You are able to wear any shoes you would like to during the graduation ceremony. However, we recommend that you wear shoes that are easily worn in grass/turf. High heels are highly likely to get stuck in the grass-- making it difficult to walk and trips and falls more likely.  Make your day easier, plan on flats, flip flops, or other turf-friendly options.

I heard the caps and gowns this year are "going green"-- is this true?

You heard correctly! Although we are going through our usually company- Jostens- they are now offering a green/sustainable gown.  We are excited for this positive change in our commencement ceremonies, and we did the research needed to ensure the comfort and quality of the gowns will not be affected.

Where do I line-up for graduation?

On the morning of graduation, plan on checking-in and lining up in the Soiland Rec Center inside the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center. Only students will be allowed in this area-- please direct your guests to find seats within William Rolland Stadium.

Where is graduation being held this year?

The ceremony will be held in the new William Rolland Stadium. 

Where do I buy my cap and gown?

You have a couple options for this question...however the easiest way to check this off your list is to join us at the Senior Salute Day, held on March 6th. Senior Salute Day is an event held on campus to help you organize all your pre-graduation to-do's, including ordering your cap and gown. If you miss this opportunity, don't fret- you will have the opportunity to order them through the CLU Bookstore. Please be sure to order these by March 31st. Starting April 1st, a $5 late-fee will be added for each week these orders not placed before this date ($5 for the first week, $10 for the second, and so on...)

If I haven't applied for graduation- will I still be able to walk during the ceremony?

NO. This is not a per-situation basis. This isn't a "we'll let you through this one time situation". The answer is NO. You must apply for graduation- you don't want to be sent to watch from the bleachers -- apply today!

When is the deadline to apply for graduation?

March 15th. This date is fast approaching-- so get this item checked off your to-do list! Head to the Registrar's Office and apply for graduation today.

How do I reserve tickets for my family and friends for the graduation ceremony?

Tickets are not needed for CLU graduation.  However, we do ask that all students planning on walking during the commencement ceremony RSVP online so we have an accurate number of guests planning to attend.  If you are unsure of the total number of people- we ask that you overestimate. So, if you are unsure whether Aunt Jane and Uncle Joe are attending, count them into the number you RSVP for so we can plan ahead just in case. To RSVP- please visit this website:

Am I allowed to bring food onto the field during graduation?

Unfortunately, no. No food is allowed on the turf of the new stadium. Please pass this along to any guests who are planning to sit on the turf portion (field level) during the ceremony.



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