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Lessons from Abroad

Conference Highlights


  • Learn to articulate the benefits of your international experiences
  • Identify marketable skills associated with your international experiences
  • Understand the process of coming back home after being abroad
  • Explore strategies for managing re-entry stress
  • Gain tips for making the most of your experience abroad
  • Establish a network of people in the international education field
  • Learn about post-undergraduate opportunities related to working abroad

The conference will take place on Sunday, February 21, 2016 at San Diego State University. 


Quotes from conference attendees

Attending the Lessons from Abroad Conference was a great way to interact with other study abroad alumni and learn about more international opportunities. It made me realize that going abroad again is possible, and now I am planning to volunteer or teach abroad after I graduate. I would definitely recommend that all study abroad returnees attend this conference.

Patricia Jordan '11 Florence, Italy

"The Lessons From Abroad Conference was definitely an eye-opening experience. Not only did I learn how to incorporate my study abroad experience into a resume and job interview, but I also learned about work/volunteer opportunities abroad that I didn't even know were possible!

"On top of all that, I got to meet great people who studied abroad all over the world."

Stacy Gross'10
Florence, Italy