Study Abroad Checklist

This checklist summarizes the important steps you will need to complete before you can study abroad. Please read through this list, and if you have any questions your study abroad advisor is available to assist you. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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  • Attend a Study Abroad Info Session
  • Meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss your plans and for country specific information.
  • Submit a CLU Application to the Study Abroad Center or apply online.


  • Passport Photos: These can be taken in the Study Abroad Center free of charge.
  • Passport: If you do not yet have a passport, you should apply for one as soon as possible. More information...
  • Visas: If a visa is required by your host country, your program will provide you with information, and you will need to apply prior to departure. More information...
  • Backup Records: Leave photocopies of your passport, visa, and other important documents such as Travelers Check documentation, with someone at home in case it needs to be reissued if lost or stolen.


  • Financial Aid: Meet with your financial aid advisor to review your options.
  • Access to funds while abroad: Alert your bank and credit card companies that you will be out of the country.


  • Check with your program to determine if you need to have a medical exam and if you need immunizations for entry and/or safety purposes in your host country.
  • Insurance: Verify your insurance coverage and procedures for filing claims while abroad.


  • Registration for your study abroad: You will need to complete your course approval form prior to departure. If you would like to have a course satisfy a major, minor, or CORE requirement you will need to obtain the department chair's signature.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor: Discuss the courses you have chosen and make sure they fit into your four-year plan.


  • Complete the Outgoing Student Info Contact Form
  • Read and sign the Assumption of Risk and Liability Form
  • Complete ISIC Card Application
  • Talk with Residence Life about housing procedures upon return to campus
  • Talk with the Business Office about your account and payment of fees
  • Complete Course Approval Form
  • Complete Final Clearance Form and return to the Study Abroad Center
  • Attend Pre-Departure Dinner: This is mandatory!
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