Schedule of Courses

For a description of courses offered at CLU, please consult our list of majors or the Undergraduate Catalog.

To search for courses being offered in a particular term, please follow the instructions below:

1. Access WebAdvisor as a guest through this link.
2. The window will open to a page that says "Welcome Guest." Click the link in the top right corner that says Search for Classes, and the page will open to an area that says Search for Sections.
3. Complete the following fields to search for courses, and press the Submit button:

Term: select Fall Semester 2015, Spring Semester 2016, etc.
Academic Level: select Undergraduate
Subjects: under this section, a drop down menu will appear that lists the subjects offered at CLU. You can search for up to five subjects at one time.

4. Once you press submit, a list of courses will appear for that subject and you can see what is on offer during your intended term of study at Cal Lutheran. If courses are not populated from your search, there may not be courses offered in that subject during the given term, or there may have been an error in the search process, in which case you should repeat the steps above.

Course Selection

During the application process, students will submit a proposed course selection. It is recommended that students select 4-5 primary course options, and 3-4 alternate course options. Students should indicate the course code and title in the application.

Students will be pre-registered for the courses listed on their Course Selection Form as available. First choices cannot be guaranteed.

Course Load Requirements

Full-time student status is 12 units minimum. Students can take 12-17 units. The add/drop period lasts two weeks after the start of classes. Exact dates are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Questions about Registration

If you have questions about course registration, please contact the Study Abroad Center or the Center for Student Success.

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