Turkey Course Description

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Turkish culture. Walk ancient and modern streets to discover the interwoven histories of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. CLU Religion Professors Rev. Dr. Julia L. Fogg and Dr. Samuel Thomas lead this travel seminar through western Turkey, beginning in Istanbul, moving east to Ankara, south through Cappadocia and west along the Mediterranean coast. We will visit Alexandria Troas, Sardis, Hierapolis, Ephesus, Laodicea, Antioch, and Aphrodisias.

The travel seminar explores ancient Christian sites from the famous Hagia Sophia to the small churches nestled in the caves of Cappadocia. Hear the interpretations of two thousand year old iconograpic paintings; see the Greek statues and Roman architecture that line the streets where first century Christians worked. Visit a modern spice market, ancient Muslim mosques and Turkish palaces. From the capital city to tiny fishing villages, participants will experience the fullness of religious and cultural history in this land of convergence.

The course counts for 4 units and satisfies the following Core 21 requirements:

  • Upper-division religion
  • Global perspectives
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