Venice Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive and settle into hotel
Gondola tour or walking tour (morning arrival)
Walk to Rialto Bridge, dinner, and to bed (afternoon/evening arrival)

Day 2
Morning Mission:
Basilica di San Marco & Palazzo Ducale. Purchase Musei di Civici card. As we tour the Ducal prisons, remember Casanovas description of his arrest and escape.
Afternoon Art: Rialto & gondola tour (if not done on Day 1). Complete a drawing/painting in the style of John Singer Sargent (3 hours).
Evening Event: Regroup in St Mark's Square to debrief & discuss at a nice (if pricey) outside table.

Day 3
Morning Mission: Walking Tour of Jewish Ghetto & Museo Ebraico, visit the churches of the plague - Palladio's Santissimo Redentore and Longhena's La Salute
The ghetto is the area in which Shakespeare's moneylender Shylock from A Merchant of Venice would likely have lived .
Afternoon Art: Complete Accademia museum "treasure hunt" from Venetian Hunts & Puzzles. Complete a drawing/painting of a treasure in Accademia or a view of such (2 hours).
Evening Event: Cicchetti as we debrief & discuss

Day 4
Morning Mission: San Michele, the cemetery island, by vaporetto - painting, photography, or rubbing. Dress respectfully; this is an operating cemetery. |
Afternoon Art: Complete Ca 'd'Oro "treasure hunt" from Venetian Hunts & Puzzles. Complete a drawing/painting of a treasure of Ca' d' Oro or a view of such (2 hours).
Evening Event:
Vivaldi concert in one of the churches or music halls

Day 5
All-Day Island Tour: Murano, Burano & Torcello (vaporetto)
Bring your supplies for sketching, photography, or video!
Evening Event: Dinner - Regroup to debrief & discuss. (This may occur over lunch at the islands, with dinner free)

Day 6
Morning Mission: Visit art restoration project from Save Venice (if arranged)
Afternoon Art:
Paint Piazza San Marco from San Giorgio or San Giorgo from Piazza San Marco in the style of Turner (3 hours).
And then go to an Italian open market and/or grocery store to buy supplies for a...
Evening Event: Home-cooked Italian meal - everyone participates! - as we debrief & discuss.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Morning Mission: Early light painting trip 6-9 a.m. Then, visit Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari & Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo.
If you want to attend mass, we can work around that. Mass schedules are posted in the churches and tourists are welcome as long as they're respectful. Masses in most churches will be Roman Catholic and conducted in Italian, although sometimes translations of the day's readings are provided in English. San Giorgio holds a small Gregorian service. Venice also has a Lutheran church and a synagogue.
Afternoon Art: Free - Go explore the back streets as you write, paint, sketch, photograph, or film. Consider an afternoon light painting from 3-6 p.m. to contrast with the morning's painting. Remember that many shops and museums are closed on Sunday.
Evening Event: Regroup to debrief & discuss.

Day 8
All-Day Trip to Padua (train)
Cappela degli Scovegni to see Giotto's frescoes
Basilica di Sant'Antonio to see Donatello's statue of Gattemelata

Evening Event: Regroup to debrief & discuss - probably over dinner

Day 9
Morning Mission: "In the Footsteps of Casanova" Walking Tour of Venice & Ca'Rezzonica
Afternoon Art: Watercolor at La Salute in the style of Sargent (3 hours)
Evening Event: Regroup to debrief & discuss.

Day 10
Morning Mission: Visit 54th Annual La Biennale Exhibition.
Afternoon Art: Paint a canal in the style of Sargent or Whistler (2 hours)
Evening Event: Regroup to debrief & discuss.

Day 11
Travel to Vicenza & Stay Overnight
Walking Tour: Palladio's architecture - Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Barbaran di Porto (Museo Palladio)

Day 12
Morning: Vicenza: Visit Palladio's La Rotonda and shoot art photographs there (2 hours). Take train to Florence
Afternoon: Florence: Settle into hotel & walk around central city The Great Gelato Taste-Off: Perche No? vs. Vivoli vs. Festival del Gelato - which is best?
Evening Event: Walk to Ponte Vecchio over the River Arno with our gelati

Day 13
All-Day: Florence: Visit Galleria dell'Accademia (Michaelangelo's David) & the Bargello (Donatello's David). Tour Piazza del Duomo
Evening Event: Walk to Piazzale Michelangelo

Day 14
All-Day: Florence: Visit Uffizi Gallery & Palazzo Pitti
Shoot photographs of Boboli Gardens in late afternoon (2 hours) for paintings in the style of Sargent upon our return home. We will paint in the gardens if we can get permission.

Day 15
Depart Florence


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