Exploring Japanese Society and Culture

Sociology 285
Spring 2010

Instructor: Dr. Akiko Yasuike
Units: 2 (Spring 2010) & 2 (Travel Seminar)

Course Description

This course introduced you to Japanese society and culture. Japan has been one of the most economically advanced countries since the rise of globalization, yet unlike Europe and the U.S., it is a country of no Western origin. While globalization has accelerated the process of Americanization, Japan still retains uniquely Japanese customs, values/beliefs and social institutions. The course will examine Japanese society/culture and the impact of globalization on it through documentary films, academic articles, popular magazines and internet sources. Right after this semester, students will visit Japan for approximately two weeks to directly observe interactions of Japanese people and experience Japanese life style. Students are expected to stay in Japan as a college student ethnographer and share their observations and thoughts during evening meetings. Class assignments of gathering information on Japanese society and culture and t rip to Japan will promote an understanding of cultural and global diversity and appreciation of diversity.

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