Travel Seminars with Faculty

Upcoming Seminars

Magical Britain
May 15 - Jun 5, 2016
English 485
Dr. Marja Mogk

Exploring Japanese Society & Culture
May 18 - May 31, 2016
Sociology/Global Studies 485
Dr. Akiko Yasuike

Imagining Venice
May 20 - Jun 5, 2016
Art/Comm 285
Dr. Pagliassotti and Professor Spehar-Fahey

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Led by a CLU faculty member, Travel Seminars take CLU students around the world to locations such as Britain, Costa Rica, Cuba, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, and Turkey.

Students enroll in a focused course on campus during the semester prior to departure. Upon completion of the semester, students are taken into the field for a two- to three-week period to put their classroom studies into context.

Disciplines include Art, Communication, English, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and more. CORE-21, major, or minor requirements may be fulfilled.

Information on upcoming travel seminars will be posted once information becomes available.

Previous Travel Seminars include:

  • Magical Britain
  • Japan: Exploring Japanese Society and Culture
  • Turkey: The History of Christianity and Islam
  • Imagining Venice: The Semiotics of La Serenissima
  • International Business Seminars (IBS) *offered summer and winter

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